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Flyer Distribution
The Limestone District School Board recognizes that local community groups, associations, and organizations have purposes and activities which are of social and educational value to communities in the district. The Board, and its schools, are approached by many organizations requesting approval to facilitate information sharing and/or to distribute materials to school communities, which includes students, staff, and parents/guardians.

In general, the Board’s preferred method of sharing information on behalf of not-for-profit community groups is by posting details on the Board’s internal website where information is available to all staff, and can be reviewed and acted upon at the staff member’s discretion. The Board is currently updating both procudures and its distribution practices, therefore, third-party requests may not be fulfilled during this time.

The Board does not distribute third-party flyers to staff or via students home to parents/guardians. As a result, the Board no longer tasks staff or students with the distribution of brochures or flyers; and no longer will ship information to schools using our internal Board courier. The Board does not permit solicitation or advertising of products, businesses, or corporations in the schools or on Board property.

To request approval for the Board to post your information, please e-mail the request, outlining your organization, as well as the flyer and/or brochure as an attachment in PDF format only to

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