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Fentanyl alert: Resources for parents & students
The Limestone District School Board is working with KFL&A Public Health to alert students, parents and staff about the confirmation of the illicit (non-prescription) fentanyl in our area, which can result in serious risk of harm or injury, or death.

All schools with Grade 7 to 12 students have been provided with fact sheets to educate students, parents and staff are aware that this drug is in the area and of how to reduce the risk of harm, injury, or death, if they are intentionally or accidentally exposed to it.  There is great concern that youth may be unknowingly exposed to this extremely toxic drug as it is being mixed in other drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, and marijuana, as well as being sold as counterfeit Percocet and oxycodone.

KFL&A Public Health suspect that illicit fentanyl counterfeit drugs found in Kingston may have been involved in recent life-threatening overdoses.

Fentanyl is being pressed and manufactured to look identical to most prescription medications such as oxycontin and percocet. Getting the drugs from a dealer, friend or online is very risky and life-threatening due to possible fentanyl contamination.

If you have any questions, please contact KFL&A Public Health at 613-549-1232 ext. 1102 or by email.