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Please see excerpt from Board Policy #9, regarding Delegations, located at the end of this information bulletin.

Meeting Date:   May 9, 2017, at 6:00 pm

Location:       Yarker Family School (for approved delegation presenters)
                        Odessa Public School (for all gallery observers)

Due to space and accessibility limitations at Yarker Family School, only those people who are approved as delegations by the Board will be asked to attend Yarker Family School on May 9. All observers will be asked to attend the Odessa Public School gymnasium where they may watch the proceedings that will be broadcast via live feed. A classroom at Yarker Family School will serve as the “LDSB Board Room” while an adjoining classroom will serve as a waiting area for approved delegates who will be asked to check in on arrival. Delegates will be able to watch the proceedings from this waiting area via live feed.

Meeting Purpose:        This is a meeting of the School Enrolment/School Capacity Committee of the Whole Board to provide an opportunity for members of the public to provide feedback on the final staff report regarding the Pupil Accommodation Review concerning Yarker F.S. and Odessa P.S.

Agenda: here

Approval of Agenda

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Action Items
1.      Delegation presentations concerning the Pupil Accommodation Review regarding Yarker Family School and Odessa Public School

(There will be 17 presentations. Each presenter or pair of presenters will be given 5 minutes to highlight points from his/her/their presentation. Trustees may ask questions for clarification.)

Other Business

Next Meeting Date
        June 5, 2017 - Limestone Education Centre


Excerpt from LDSB Board Policy #9

17.0.0       Delegations and Submissions
17.1.0  Persons wishing to make submissions on educational issues to the Board or its committees will apply in person or in writing to the Secretary of the Board. The Secretary of the Board, in consultation with the Chair and the Agenda Setting Committee, will ascertain whether a Board committee or the whole Board should hear the submission and arrange to have the Board or committee advised, through the agenda process, of the substance of the presentation. The Secretary will ensure that all Trustees are aware of the delegation, the substance of the presentation and the names of presenters. Presenters will be heard as soon as practicable after they have applied to be heard.
17.2.0  A delegation shall designate not more than two people as spokespersons and no other member of the delegation shall address the Board or committee, except at the request of a Trustee, and the permission of the Chair.
17.3.0  In consultation with the Chair, the Secretary shall inform the delegation as to the time during the meeting when its spokesperson(s) shall be heard, and refer them to the details outlined in Policy 9, 17.0.0.
17.4.0  The complete and detailed presentation must be sent electronically to the Office of the Secretary to the Board at least four (4) business days prior to the meeting. At the meeting the presenter(s) will highlight the pertinent points in their presentation.
17. 5.0 The complete presentation by any delegation shall not exceed five (5) minutes, exclusive of Trustee questions. Following the presentation, the Chair will ask the Trustees if there are any questions of clarification.
17.6.0  The Board and its committees shall take action on an issue addressed through delegations and submissions only when those issues appear as a result of the regular agenda process. All other issues shall be referred for decision to a later meeting of the Board, to consideration in private session (in-camera), when appropriate, or to the Director of Education for further action. The Secretary of the Board shall advise delegates of the action taken.
17.7.0  Any one delegation shall be permitted to make only one (1) presentation to the Trustees on any issue. When there are multiple delegations on the same topic, presentations may be combined or reduced. A delegation cannot make a presentation on a topic on which a decision has been made.
17.8.0  If, in the opinion of the Agenda Setting Committee, a delegation or person should not be heard by the Board or its committees, the Secretary shall advise the persons who are being refused, giving reasons in writing, and copy all Board members on the response. This communication shall appear as an item of information in the first agenda of the Board following the refusal.
17.9.0   At the discretion of the Chair, any parts of this regulation may be waived and, at the discretion of the Board, the decision of the Agenda Setting Committee may be overturned.

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