Frequently Asked Questions

Why are KCVI and QECVI being consolidated into one new school?
The decision to build a new intermediate and secondary school and consolidate students and programming from Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute (KCVI) and Queen Elizabeth Collegiate & Vocational Institute (QECVI) between the new school and the existing Loyalist Collegiate & Vocational Institute (LCVI) was made by Trustees of the Limestone District School Board (LDSB) in June 2013. Grade 7 and 8 intermediate French Immersion/Extended French students from Module Vanier will be relocated to the new school.

Where will the new school be built?
The new intermediate and secondary school will be constructed on Board-owned property located at Kirkpatrick and Lyons Streets.

When will the new school be built?
Work on a draft design has been underway since the spring of 2015. A draft design concept will be presented to the Board of Trustees in October 2015. Additional consultation with students, parents, school staff, community partners and the public will take place throughout October and November 2015. The final design concept is tentatively scheduled to be presented to Trustees for approval in December 2015. Based on current timelines, the new school could be completed and opened for the 2018-2019 school year. This timeline, however, is subject to change should there be unanticipated delays as sometimes occurs in large-scale construction projects of this scope.

What will the new school feature?
New schools are designed using a formula created by the Ministry of Education. Proposed features of the new consolidated school include:
  • Modern classroom/specialized spaces (e.g. technology and theatre facilities) for programming in all program pathways, as well as for use by the broader community;
  • Modern gymnasia that will provide maximum flexibility for scheduling purposes and improve conditions to ensure student safety;
  • Modern recreation areas that will provide all secondary students in the area with the opportunity to enhance their health and fitness, as well as providing the broader community with improved recreational opportunities;
  • Multi-use spaces for shared school and community use; and
  • Modern electrical systems that will efficiently and effectively support 21st century technology infrastructure;
  • Modern energy efficient heating and lighting systems that will provide greater control and comfort;Completely accessible school building which fully meets the requirements of the Ontario Acessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA);
Are there opportunities for student and parent involvement in the new school planning?
Yes. A New School Integration Committee (as per Board Policy 15: School Accommodation) will be established following the completion of the design process to help integrate and transition students and staff into their new school(s) in a positive and supportive way. This process is carried out in consultation with students, parents and staff of the affected schools. There will be several opportunities for students, parents and staff to provide input and feedback into the planning process as this project moves forward. This committee will provide input on various phases such as the school design and name, and other school transition activities, including honouring and incorporating artifacts and other memorabilia from each of the schools.

What will the new school be called?
The Board recognizes the significance of naming new school properties and is committed to involving the school community in the process of naming new schools in accordance with Administrative Procedure 552: Naming of New Schools. The new school Integration Committee is responsible for coordinating the naming process including appropriate methods for consultation with all school community stakeholders including students, parents, staff and the community at large. The final choice of a school name rests solely with the Trustees of the LDSB.

What will happen to all of the artifacts from KCVI and QECVI?
The relocation of various school artifacts and memorabilia is overseen by the Integration Committee in consultation with all school community stakeholders including students, parents, staff and the broader community where applicable.

What will happen to the KCVI and QECVI buildings?
Following a decision to close and consolidate schools, subsequent decisions as to what happens to the physical building follows a disposition process outlined in Ontario Regulation 444-98: The Disposition of Surplus Real Property contained in the Education Act. If and when a building and/or property has been declared surplus - this has not yet occurred for either buildings - the properties are then offered first to all public sector organizations for sale or lease at fair market value. If these organizations are not interested in the property or building, the Board can then put it up for sale to anyone whom is interested at fair market value. The Board, however, is open to pursuing the development of community hubs, as possible, in or adjacent to secondary schools through outreach to community partners already using space in the buildings, as well as any new partners that may be identified in the future.

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Updated September 2015