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January 2011
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Insulin Pump Care Plan for Students Requiring Assistance

Teacher /E.A Responsibilities

1.  Know how to lock and unlock the pump
2.  Bolus feature and correction bolus
3.  How to disconnect at the site.

 Press OK button and hold down the up and down arrows at the same time.
 Pump locked will appear on the screen.

Unlock –repeat the same steps as lock and the pump will resume the home screen.

1.Unlock the pump
2.Menu in yellow-press OK
3.Bolus in yellow –press OK
4.Normal bolus-press OK
5.00’s will flash –use arrows to enter the bolus dose.
When dose is completed, student presses OK (this may require a confirmation call to parent or designate)
6.GO in yellow-student presses OK

For bolus dose follow the chart provided by the parents.

Correction Bolus:
If correction bolus is needed follow the formula using a calculator to determine the correction amount and then add that amount to the meal bolus.
Correction bolus formula is Blood glucose  minus --- divided by ----- and the result is the correction amount.

Example –Blood sugar is 18 -     =     divided by     =    

Other pump related issues :

Hypoglycemia –low blood sugar –treat with 15 grams of sugar (JR.Juice box)
Repeat test in 15 minutes and if the sugar is not above 5 , disconnect at the site and repeat the juice.
Call parents for further direction.
If hypoglycemia occurs just before lunch, treat and wait till after lunch has been eaten before the bolus is given.
Bolus  may need to be reduced so parents should be called.

If the infusion site comes out call parents immediately.
If there are any alarms on the pump call the parents immediately.

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