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Medically Fragile Students
Health Issue Category
Medically Fragile Students
Date of Issue
Revision Date
February, 2006
Related Policies, Administrative Procedures and Forms:

Some students within our system would be deemed medically fragile, based on assessments by a physician. These students would have potentially life threatening, chronic health needs that would require intermittent or constant support by an employee of the board, in order to access the school program.

Principals may occasionally be presented with a request by a legal custodian or a qualified medical practitioner, to withhold medical treatment, or a DO-NOT-RESUSCITATE-ORDER (DNR) on behalf of a medically fragile student.

Should this occur, the principal shall:

  • notify the superintendent of schools and superintendent of Special Education
  • notify the legal custodian that in the case of a medical emergency, the principal shall seek medical assistance for the medically fragile student as for any other student by calling 911 or other arrangements as appropriate and discussed with the school supervisor.
  • do not file the DNR order or request in the student’s Ontario Student Record, or elsewhere; and
  • return the DNR order by registered mail to the legal custodian or medical practitioner.
In cases of medical emergency, principals and/or staff shall seek medical assistance for a medically fragile student as for any other student in medical distress.

A DNR decision rests only with a qualified medical practitioner and not with school personnel.

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