Board Policies: Table of Contents

Board Policy Handbook
District Mission, Vision and Values
Board Job Description
Director of Education Job Description
Delegation of Authority
Trustees Code of Conduct
Role of the Trustee
Role of the Board Chair
Role of the Vice-Chair
Index to Board Operations       
Committees of the Board
Board Representatives
Policy Making
Student Suspension Appeals, Exclusion Appeals, Minutes of Settlement, Expulsion Hearings, Expulsion Appeals
Hearings on Teacher Termination
Pupil Accommodation Review
Student Transportation
Selection of the Director
Accessibility Standards
Community Planning And Partnership
Board Policies Forms

Student Trustees: Conference Attendance
Notice of Appeal Suspension Hearing
Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference
Pre-Hearing Conference Checklist
Letter Advising of Decision of Suspension Appeal Committee
Notice of Expulsion Hearing
Agreement to Extend Time Limit (Expulsion Hearing)
Notice of Expulsion by Committee
Letter Advising That Student Will Be Suspended Instead of Expelled
Notice That Student Will Neither Be Expelled Nor Disciplined
Application to Appeal School Board Expulsion Decision