The Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association is the committee responsible for the
 inter-school sports programs in the Limestone   District School Board. This  page is intended
to make available to all elementary schools in the Limestone District information pertaining to
 all   inter-school sports in the district. For more information  on the organization and structure
 of LESAA please refer to the LESAA constitution.   Meet and tournament information, rules and
 regulations regarding the various events,   dates for events, news updates, district tournaments
 (divisions, dates, locations, conveners, results), as well as any other pertinent information
 for all sports will be available through this page.





Cross Country

Track & Field

Ultimate Frisbee



LESAA District Individual Boys Medalists (top athletes in each age group):
Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place maximum 21 points

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 Midget Boys:

bulletGold                 Alex Drover                          Calvin Park                19 points
bulletSilver               Cove McConnell                   Calvin Park                17 points
bulletBronze             Anthony Donnet                    Rideau Heights          12 points                    
bulletBronze             DJ David                               Bayridge                     12 points                    
bulletBronze             Daret McKay                                    Loughborough            12 points                    

Bantam Boys:

bulletGold                Dylan Thomason                    Tamworth                   17 points
bulletSilver              Lucus Cadieus                        Fairfield                      14 points
bulletBronze            Miles Brackenbury                Central                        12 points

Atom Boys:

bulletGold                Carson Fraser                                    Lancaster                   19 points
bulletGold                Kevin Fitzgerald                     Amherstview              19 points
bullet Silver              Barrett Joynt                          Loughborough            12 points
bulletBronze            Holden Shenfield                    Winston Churchill      10 points



LESAA District Individual Girls Medalists (top athletes in each age group):
Based on 7 points 1st place, 5 points 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place maximum 21 points

 Midget Girls:

bulletGold                Jackie Quesnel                      Vanier                        14 points
bulletGold                Marissa Battle                        Vanier                         14 points
bulletSilver              Amanda Black                       Calvin Park                12 Points
bullet Silver              Danielle Adam                        Vanier                         12 points
bulletSilver              Brianna MacComish             Loughborough         12 Points
bulletBronze             Amelia MacLatchy               Calvin Park                10 points  

Bantam Girls:

bulletGold                Ella Phillips                             Elginburg                                21 points
bulletGold                Anna Workman                      Polson Park                            21 points
bulletSilver              Jada Packer                            Cataraqui Woods                   10 points
bullet Silver              Lily Chubaty                           Loughborough                        10 points
bulletBronze            Alexa Sawchuk                       Sir John A MacDonald          8  points

Atom Girls:                                         

bulletGold                Mikayla McFarlane              Amherstview              21 points
bulletSilver              Cloe Henniger                        Joyceville                   17 points
bulletBronze            Abby Howland                                    Storrington                 14 points
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