School Responsibilities for Region 5 Schools



Regional Decisions for Region 5

  1. There are changes this year. Be sure to read the minutes of the April 26, 2016 coaches meeting.

2.    Deadline for entries: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - deadline is firm

3.    Meet Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

4.    Cost: - $5 per competitor- Please bring a cheque payable to LESAA with you to the district meet and hand it in at the canteen – receipts will be available at the canteen. There is no fee for the district meet and no registration required

5.    Start Time: 8:30 am sharp for the 3000m – all other events start a 9 am.

6.    Number of competitors per school per event (excluding relays)-- 4

7.    Please note that the use of spikes is NOT ALLOWED. Shoes with the spikes removed are allowed. The starter will be checking shoes before the race starts

8.      The major change this year is that we will be using grade 8 students as backup timers for the photo equipment rather than adults. Students should

                                                  i.      Not be a competitor

                                ii.    Be prepared to spend the day at the finish line –we do not want to stop the meet to train new timers.

                               iii.    Drinks and lunch will be provided for them

Region 1 Meet                                      

·         To provide students for both region 3 and the district meet:

o   Storrington – 1 student         

o   Glenburnie – 1 student          

o   Sir John A – 1 student           

o   LaSalle – 1 student

o   Welborne – 1 student

o   First Ave – 1 student

o   Joyceville – 1 student

o   Simcoe – 1 student

Please report to the finish line with your students prior to the starting time as the meet cannot begin until all timers and judges are in place.

9.      Schools responsible for elementary school student helpers:-

o    For long and triple jump pits please bring students who are strong enough to rake the pits even if they are wet.

o    Student helpers should not be competitors.  

o    It is a good idea to bring extra helpers so that helpers are not stuck at an event all day

o    High Jump Pit 1 (2 students) - Storrington

o    Long Jump Pit 1(3 students) - Welborne

o    Long Jump Pit 2(3 students) - LaSalle

o    Triple Jump Pit 1(3 students) – Joyceville

o    Triple Jump Pit 2(3 students) -  LaSalle

o    Shot Put (3 students) -  Glenburnie

o    Runners (2 students) – Sir John A

o    Ribbons (3 students) -  Simcoe

9.    Two judges are necessary for each corner - the following schools will provide corner judge(s) for the relays:
     1st corner: - Sir John A &  LaSalle
     2nd corner: - Storrington & Glenburnie
     3rd corner: - Welborne & Joyceville 

10.   LESAA District Track and Field Meet
       Tuesday, June 14,2016
        Rain Date: Wed., June 15,2016

o    Top 5 competitors from regional meet to advance to District Meet.

o    Top 3 relay teams advance

11. Inclement weather:

o    In case the meet has to be canceled due to inclement weather, an announcement will be put on the radio and posted on the web site as well as on first class by 7:00 am. If you are not sure contact John Hall at 613-389-6367 or 613-531-1506 (phone or text)