The Limestone Elementary School Athletics Association is the committee responsible for the
 inter-school sports programs in the Limestone   District School Board. This  page is intended
to make available to all elementary schools in the Limestone District information pertaining to
 all  inter-school sports in the district. For more information  on the organization and structure
 of LESAA please refer to the LESAA constitution.   Meet and tournament information, rules and
 regulations regarding the various events,  dates for events, news updates, district tournaments
 (divisions, dates, locations, conveners, results), as well as any other pertinent information
 for all sports will be available through this page.



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High Jump and Shot Put Clinics  High Jump and Shot Put Clinics  High Jump and Shot Put Clinics  High Jump and Shot Put Clinics  High Jump and Shot Put Clinics 
2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Shot Put Shot Put Shot Put Shot Put Shot Put
Presenter: Ted Carson Presenter: Tim Fawcett Name School   Name School   Name School
Name School Name School Christie  Woogh Amherstview Eric Jacques Acadie   Eric Jacques Acadie
    Megan Alexander Winston Ed  Ianni Harrowsmith Clint Guild Joyceville   Mike Bryant Bayridge
Carol Baetz Bath Bruce Beacock Collins Bay Shelley  Desarmia Sinclair   Kevin Dempsey Amherstivew   Avonlea Martin Vanier
Tracey Bridgen Southview Sarah Broughen Winston Karen  Orgee Vanier   Tracy Bridgen Southview   Jegg Lloyd Perth Road
Cindy Crowder Holsgrove Lisa Cousins-Badour Prince Charles Mike  Pouliot Newburgh   Jacqueline Rowe Selby   Diane Pennell Lord Strathcona
Dianne Fox Odessa Iain Craig Selby Sherri  Campbell Loughborough Erin Mills Amherst Island   Krista Kitschke Centennial
Clint Guild Joyceville Anita  Dannenberg Storrington Cindy  Harvey Perth Road Steve Raby Calvin Pk   Megan Alexander Winston
Courtney John Holsgrove Matt Drechsler Clarendon Dan  Roberts Holsgrove   Virginia Mauhew Harrowsmith   Vicki Macdonald Rideau
Bonnie  L'Abbe Central Tonya Duffy Bayridge Tom  Richards Marysville   Scott Valberg Henderson   Christie Woogh Amherstview
Jennifer Morrisey Bath Lee Hukk Land O'Lakes Amanda  Kyer Loughborough Shane Wray Storrington   Val Boyce Collins Bay
Karen Orgee Vanier Lana MacDonald Sinclair Mike  Depew Calvin Park Lisa Gilliot Elginburg   Danielle Touchette Collins Bay
Elizabeth O'Rourke Tamworth Scott Pare Storrington Carol  Wager Frontenac Chris Miller Winston   Erin Mills Asherst Isalnd/TPC
Tim Pelow Enterprise Janet Revell Prince Charles     Ann Botros Rideau   Anne Powers Cat Woods
Alison Rayner Cat Woods Monika Tan Welborne High Jump Britney Castleman Rideau   Beena John SJAM
Kent  Rich Truedell Shane Wray Storrington Ed Ianni Harrowsmith Lisa Frappier Rideau   Jay Melbourne SJAM
Stephanie Ridout Calvin       Sherri Campbell Loughborough Mark McCrady Loughborough   Jill Norman Joyceville
Darrell Scott  TPC High Jump Tom Richards Marysville       Mark McCrady Loughborough
Kevin Wood Central Presenter: Jen Couture Shelley Desarmia Sinclair High Jump   Janet Revell Prince Charles
    Name   School Dan Roberts Holsgrove Lisa Gilliot Elginburg   ED Ianni  Harrowsmith
    Megan Alexander Winston Cindy Harvey Perth Road Chris Miller Winston   Katie McDonald Calrendon
    Bruce Beacock Collins Bay Amanda Kyer Loughborough Jacqueline Rowe Selby      
High Jump Sarah Broughen Winston Carol Wager Frontenac Shane Wray Storrington   High Jump
Presenter: Jen Couture Lisa Cousins-Badour Prince Charles Mike Depew Calvin Park Mark McCrady Loughborough   Eric Jacques Acadie
    Iain Craig Selby Karen Orgee Vanier Lisa Frappier Rideau   Mike Bryant Bayridge
Keith  Cahill Joyceville Anita  Dannenberg Storrington Mike Pouliot Newburgh Ann Botros Rideau   Avonlea Martin Vanier
Cindy Crowder Holsgrove Peter Dendy Prince Charles         Britney Castleman Rideau   Jegg Lloyd Perth Road
Jen  Farnum LOL Matt Drechsler Clarendon         Eric Jacque Acadie   Diane Pennell Lord Strathcona
Dianne Fox Odessa Tonya Duffy Bayridge               Krista Kitschke Centennial
Lisa  Frappier Rideau  Alia Eastabrook Rideau               Megan Alexander Winston
Courtney John Holsgrove Trevor Hill NAEC               Vicki Macdonald Rideau
Karen Orgee Vanier Lee Hull Land O'Lakes               Christie Woogh Amherstview
Elizabeth O'Rourke Tamworth Dave Kerr NAEC               Val Boyce Collins Bay
Tim Pelow Enterprise Lana MacDonald Sinclair               Danielle Touchette Collins Bay
Kent  Rich Truedell Scott Pare Storrington               Erin Mills Asherst Isalnd/TPC
Stephanie Ridout Calvin Janet Revell Prince Charles               Anne Powers Cat Woods
Darrell Scott  TPC Monika Tan Welborne               Beena John SJAM
    Shane Wray Storrington               Jay Melbourne SJAM
                      Jill Norman Joyceville
                    Mark McCrady Loughborough
                        Janet Revell Prince Charles
                        ED Ianni  Harrowsmith
                        Sherri Campbell Loughborough
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