Coaches High Jump Clinic - April 2016

Basic Rules:

1.       The athlete is out of the competition when they have 3 consecutive misses at any height

2.       If the plane of the bar is crossed but not it cleared it shall be deemed a fault (ex: athlete aborts attempt and fails to jump/dives underneath bar).

3.       The athlete must jump off  one foot.

4.       No summersaulting

5.       Speed of exiting the pits has no bearing on if the jump is a clear or a fault

6.       The athlete may run past the bar on an approach as long as they stay within their allotted time (1, 3 or 5 minutes depending on the # of athletes) or for a maximum of 3 times (for elementary programs only).

Basic Technique (3 Phases): The majority of athletes take off on their left foot and start their approach on the right side of pit

1.       Approach

·         ‘J’ curve

·         Distance ~ 6 to  10 strides  (max  14-16 - advanced level jumpers)

·         Optimal speed = 80% of max with the last 3 steps being the FASTEST

·         J Curve  should not start wider than 10-14 paces from standard

2.       Take off (X – one  arm in & one arm out from the standard on the approaching side)

·         Emphasize FAST last Step

·         Quick of the ground

·         Stay tall (tall at the hips)

·         90° angles at the ankle, knee, & hip

·         Emphasis on big knee drive up

·         Double arm drive up (or single inside arm)

·         Hold the take off (drive) as long as possible

·         Hips should be pointing to the back corner of the mat (45°)

·         Take off foot should be planted at a 45° angle to the bar (NOT Parallel)

·         Keep inside shoulder leaning away from the bar at take off

3.       Flight

·         Drop  inside arm “open the book” (closest arm to bar)

·         Look over inside shoulder

·         Look back at heels to lift up hips

·         Hold hips up

·         Tuck chin & kick heels  to clear feet overs bar

Drills for Practice & Progression

1-3-6 step take off drills on a straight line or a curve (only counting the take off foot)

·         Back flops onto mat - back jumps onto mat – back jumps over bungee/bar – Back jumps from elevation over bar

·         1 step (jump) onto mat (scissor kick) (start with left foot back and bring forward to jump/take off and land on feet on mat) (START at a 45° angle to pits)

·         3 step (2&jump) *START at a 45° angle to pits) - scissor kick onto mat & 3 step flops

·         6 Step (3&2&jump) *START using the J curve  – 6 step scissor kick & flops

·         Full Approach 8-10 steps (5&4&3&2&Jump) – scissor kick & flops

Common Errors: Knee drive not at 90°, to close/far away from bar at take off, need to hold the drive, not tall at take off, slow last 3 steps, slow off the ground, hold the hips over the bar, lean outside shoulder away from the bar