High Jump Fosbury Flop

The high jump comprises of three phases:- approach, take off and the flight.

ApproachThe Approach

Factors to look for in the approach:

bullet2 or 4 stride lead into a checkpoint
bulletnon take off foot hits this checkpoint
bulletfollowed by a curved 5 stride approach to the take off point
bulletin the last 3 to 4 strides the athlete is inclined away from the bar
bulletfinal strides to be fast and hips kept high

Take off

Factors to look for on take off:

bullettake off point is approx 0.5 metres to 0.75 metres from the near
upright along the bar and out from the bar
bullettake off foot is slightly ahead of the athlete's body
bullettake off foot plant is heel first to provide the maximum lever
bullettake off foot is pointing towards a position halfway between the middle of the bar and the far upright (10 to 20)
bullettake off foot is in alignment with the take off leg
bullethips are forward
bulletinside shoulder is high
bulletthe trunk is upright and leaning slightly back - not leaning towards the bar
bullethips are at 45 to the bar and the shoulders at 90
bulletthere is quick and vigorous movement of free limbs
bulletthe inside shoulder does not drop in towards the bar
bulletrotation comes from the non jumping side i.e. the free leg and shoulder pulling across the body
bulletthe leg nearest the bar is driven up bent and high at the opposite upright, thigh and foot parallel with the ground and lower leg vertical
bulletboth arms are swung forwards and upwards with the free leg

Dean MaceyFlight

Once off the ground factors to look for in the flight:

bulletinside knee stays up at bar level
bulletheels are pulled back towards the head (arching the back)
bulletknees bent and wide apart
bulletarms in a crucifix position or held by the side
bullethead back and looking towards the far back corner of the mat (forces the hips to stay high)
bulletonce the hips are over the bar the legs are snapped straight from the knees
bulletlanding on the shoulders

High Jump Drills

In all drills stress "Trunk upright, hips forward and head high".

bullet2 20m walking - lifting the heel and stretching the ankle quickly. Walk back to recover.
bullet2 20m bouncing ankle extension
bullet2 20m bounding arm drill
bullet5 3 or 5 stride vertical jump drill (ankle extension, free knee drive, arm action)
bulletThree stride practice jumps, concentrating on specific body parts (5 to 10 jumps).


High Jump Photo Sequence

The photo sequence of Heike Henkel was taken during a competition at Crystal Palace.

Three strides from take off.
Leaning into the bend

Bouncing run in

3 - Right foot placed out to the side to prevent the hips collapsing prior to take off


5 - Left foot heel strike approx one metre from the bar and upright

6 - Lean back
Right shoulder is high
Left foot is ahead of the body
Hips are forward
Hips are at 45 to the bar and the shoulders at 90
Trunk is upright and leaning slightly back
Jumping foot is in alignment with the jumping leg

7 - flexion in the left leg to allow drive upwards

8 - Right knee and both arms beginning the upward drive
Tall and upright
Eyes focused above the bar

9 - Left extends
both arms are swung forwards and upwards with the right leg
Right hip driven upwards and towards the far upright

10 - Rotation of body due to right hip/knee and arm action
Left hip is still extended

11 - Left knee is brought up to join the right knee
Back rotates towards the bar

12 - Arms remain high
Heels behind the knees
Knees apart

13 - Arms driven down down to extend hips
heels pulled back towards the head (result in arched back)
arms in a crucifix position
Knees apart

14 - knees kept apart
Heels behind the knees
Arms in a crucifix position

15 - knees above the hips
Arms in a crucifix position
Heels coming in front of the knees to begin the pike position

16 - The arms are lifted vigorously in front of the trunk and then above the head to aid leg clearance
Piking of the thighs to the chest can be assisted by movement of the head onto the chest so that the eyes are looking forward
Finally the knees are straightened landing on the shoulders


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