Rules/technique for shot put:

Competitors take their throw from inside a  (7 feet) in diameter, with a toe board approximately 4" high at the front of the circle. The shot must land within an angle of approximately 30 degrees. The athlete must rest the shot in between the neck and shoulder and keep it tight to the neck while throwing. At the end of the throw, the thrower must push the throwing arm straight with the thumb pointing down; if the thrower does not push the ball out and throws it like a baseball, the thrower may receive injury.. The shot putters must enter and leave the circle from the rear half of the circle, or a foul is called. Other fouls include letting some article of clothing touch the top of the toeboard or outside the circle, and/or the shot falling outside of the borders to the left and the right. The distance thrown is measured from the front of the circle to where the shot lands at its nearest disturbance of the soil.

Note that in order to have the thumb pointing down through the throwing motion, the elbow must remain away from the body.

Shot Put Technique:

1. Holding the shot put   

       The shot is held at the base of the fingers not the palm

       The fingers are slightly spread apart with the thumb for support. The hand will be bent back in the cocked position when holding the shot. It looks like you are carrying a pizza.

2. Neck placement

       Raise the shot above your head

       Lower the shot straight down until it is under your jaw

       Push the shot into your neck

       Lift your elbow parallel to the floor. Donít squeeze your elbow towards your back

       Check to see that your thumb is pointing down towards your clavicle

       The palm should be pointing towards the throwing direction

3. Delivery of the Shot Put

       Eyes to the ceiling

       Punch the shot away from the neck

       Keep the elbow high at all times. Lowering the elbow can cause the shot to be thrown like a baseball and could result in an injury

       Finish the punch with a flip of the wrist

       The left side of the body will be stopped and locked to help form the block

       The left arm will be tucked close to the side of the body


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