Parking Information for Track & Field Meets


 Effective June 1, 2009 the gravel lots at Richardson Stadium are being converted to paid parking.  The north parking lot will be strictly for monthly permit parking while the south lot (near the tennis courts) will be for hourly and daily parkingThe cost for daily parking is $1.00 per hour up to a daily maximum of $4.00.

 A reminder - vehicles MUST be parked in a valid parking space.  Vehicles MUST NOT be parked along the roadways, on grass or outside the curbstonesVehicles parked in the lots without a pay and display permit or in no parking areas will be ticketed and/or towed.  The Parking Office will again barricade the roadways to the stadium to ensure vehicles are not parked at the back of the stadium – we have done this to ensure the safety of the children participating in the events.

 Please help ensure the safety of the children by obeying the signs posted along the roadways.


For further information contact:

   Donna Stover

   Parking Manager

   Queen’s University

   Rideau Building, 207 Stuart Street

   533-6000 ext 77589  or