Teachers honoured for outstanding service

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Teachers honoured for outstanding service
Posted on 06/18/2018
Image of award winners Diane Pennell and Kate Myers.Teachers from Fairfield Elementary School and Napanee District Secondary School were honoured with the 2018 J.C. McLeod Excellence in Teaching Award at their schools this month.

Diane Pennell and Kate Myers were recognized for their 
outstanding contributions to classroom instruction, or the improvement of classroom instruction. The award is named after former Director of Education J.C. McLeod who served from 1969 to 1983. He recognized and rewarded excellence in teaching throughout his time as director and on his retirement, he established a fund to continue this focus. Each award is presented at the school where the teacher is currently teaching.  

Mrs. Pennell models and encourages wellness in both her personal and professional life. Committed to

student, family and staff well being, Mrs. Pennell is the DPA (Daily Physical Activity) Champion at Fairfield Elementary and regularly works with other staff to develop engaging DPA activities for students. She coaches students in volleyball, road racing, and cross country teams, as well as organizing the Marathon Club at the school. Mrs. Pennell also works with various professionals around student anxiety and wellness and implements learning from school PA Days.


Innovation thrives in Mrs. Pennell's Grade 1/2 class as students are challenged through inquiry-based learning and problem solving to consider a wide variety of real world problems and then develop and consider unique innovative solutions to those problems. She takes an innovative approach to mathematics through Number Talks where she demonstrates with her class the importance of flexible and creative thinking in mathematics teaching and learning. Her open stance to learning with and from her students makes her classroom a hub of innovative teaching and learning in the school and district.


Collaboration is at the heart of what Mrs. Pennell does with her students, with other staff, with parents, and with other educational professionals. One example is the tireless work Mrs. Pennell has engaged in with our school-based numeracy facilitator to improve her teaching practice and the learning outcomes for her students in mathematics this year. This collaboration has included weekly team teaching opportunities both with the facilitator and with other teachers to better understand the student learning need. Through regular reflection, conversation, documentation, and the willingness to take risks and be open to feedback, Mrs. Pennell has become the mathematics champion in the school and a model to all.


Mrs. Pennell is dedicated to collaborative professionalism, and to supporting the achievement

and well being of others. She embodies the pillars of wellness, innovation and collaboration. Her leadership is welcome in her classroom and in the school!


Over her 17 years in education, Ms. Myers has held a variety of roles at NDSS. She has taught math, science, literacy and special education. She has been department head, the lead student success teacher, instructional coach, vice principal, literacy lead and the go to person for anything and everything at NDSS. In each of these roles, Ms. Myers always puts the needs of our students at the forefront of her actions.

This past year, Ms. Myers saw a need at NDSS in our math program. She noticed that some students were arriving with a numeracy skills gap and were not prepared for the Grade 9 math program. Kate created a remedial math program in semester one to prepare these students for their semester two math course. This remedial program utilized technology, manipulatives and hands on relevant learning to enhance the learning for these students.

The results in student achievement and student confidence have been remarkable. This is all due to Ms. Myers’
ability to connect with students and make math accessible to everyone. Ms. Myers is truly a pioneer in the area of mathematics instruction and over the years thousands of students have benefited from her expertise.

Ms. Myers has an incredible work ethic. To say she goes above and beyond is an understatement. She is always volunteering to organize events, help out with all NDSS activities, run professional development for staff and share best practices. Wherever there is a need in the building, Ms. Myers is there to fill the gap. 

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