LDSB calls for retention of 2015 health curriculum

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LDSB calls for retention of 2015 health curriculum
Posted on 07/27/2018
Image of cover of 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum document.

Trustees and Senior Staff of the Limestone District School Board are urging the Minister of Education to maintain the 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum pending any review.

In a letter to the Minister, Board Chair Paula Murray and Director of Education Debra Rantz ask for clarity around recent direction to revert to the antiquated 1998 curriculum which does not support today’s students or families. While the Minister has hinted at flexibility in the delivery of the 20-year-old curriculum, the Board has asked to maintain the 2015 documents so educators may continue to support our students on important topics such as gay marriage, gender identity, sexting and sexual consent.

Ontario’s Equity Action Plan (2017)
is clear. “The success of our graduates necessitates building their confidence in who they are and their resilience in the face of adversity and ensuring they feel accepted and included.” Further, it upholds: “Students must also experience teaching and learning that is reflective of their needs and of who they are.” In Limestone, we know firsthand the importance of this work. We know that our students must see themselves reflected in our curriculum, in our buildings, in our culture, to feel safe and supported, and to ensure their well-being. Our staff has used this curriculum to help empower our students to reach their full potential while supporting their emotional, mental and physical needs. Reverting to an outdated curriculum flies in the face of this progressive work and the Board does not support such a move.

Kingston Police reported this week that the city saw a 53-per-cent increase in sexual assault in 2017. The increase may be due in part to the #MeToo Movement and giving our citizens the confidence and support to come forward. Our students need to learn about the concept of consent and the vocabulary of body parts so that they can speak clearly to police, and we can all work together as a community to prevent sexual abuse and ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students. This partnership is well supported by dedicated and experienced educators who have been professionally trained on how to respond and support students in need.

The Limestone District School Board strategic plan is supported by the three pillars of Wellness, Innovation and Collaboration and we are fiercely committed to those priorities, which include inclusion and equity for all. We urge the Minister of Education to retain the 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum and, in the spirit of wellness and safety, we pledge to our families that we will continue to be responsive to our students’ needs and ensure they have the learning opportunities they deserve in 2018. We want everyone to see themselves in Limestone and this curriculum is key to helping achieve that goal.

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