Teachers honoured for outstanding services

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Teachers honoured for outstanding services
Posted on 06/24/2019
Image of teachers Melissa Michaud and Mike Bullett

Limestone teachers were recently honoured with the 2019 J.C. McLeod Excellence in Teaching Award.

Melissa Michaud from Southview Public School and Mike Bullett from Bayridge Secondary School were recognized for their outstanding contributions to classroom instruction, or the improvement of classroom instruction. The award is named after former Director of Education J.C. McLeod who served from 1969 to 1983. He recognized and rewarded excellence in teaching throughout his time as director and on his retirement, he established a fund to continue this focus. Each award is presented at the school where the teacher is currently teaching.  

Ms. Michaud is the learning disabilities teacher at Southview. She began her career with Limestone as an Educational Assistant, later became the School to Community teacher at Tamworth Elementary School before joining Southview in 2012.

As a teacher of the Learning Disabilities program, Ms. Michaud demonstrates an exceptional knowledge of reading instruction. Along with her understanding of the needs of each child, she uses her knowledge of reading instruction to provide an individualized program for each child in her class. She is continually changing students fixed mindsets to growth mindsets; students who had previously held negative views of reading, writing and school, have found their place in her safe and loving classroom, attending her program daily as they are excited to come to school and learn.

Her passion for education, continued learning and sharing of her knowledge for student success, as well as her relentless rallying for the best interest of her students, is nothing short of amazing. Ms. Michauds giftedness in teaching students to read and write is unlocking the future for some of our highest learning needs for our students.

Mr. Bullett has spent the last 30 years having a significant impact on students, colleagues and community members with his passion and enthusiasm in his drama and history classes, in his musical and dramatic productions, in his drama and improv clubs and in his student leadership endeavours. He truly brings learning to life for his students. The magic Mr. Bullett has created, in his classrooms daily, has resulted in extraordinary student achievements that go well beyond what many educators could only dream of.

Mr. Bullett is known across the district for his creative and entertaining musicals, dramatic productions and original creations. Through the trusting relationships he builds with students he is able to bring out the best in them, both on stage and off. A former student recently described Mr. Bullett as "an amazing teacher, a gifted director, a literal genius and an inspiration."

He is a master teacher, with a genuine passion for ensuring students are given every opportunity for success at school and to learn how to be contributing citizens in their future.



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