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Limestone Learning Foundation

Focus Programs are packages of courses offered at Limestone secondary schools that concentrate on a particular field of interest or training to provide students with both academic and work experience that will give them a foundation in a career or area of study.

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Focus Programs provide opportunities that are good for all and necessary for some students who find the traditional classroom setting does not meet their needs. Focus Programs provide a specific learning environment, with more of an emphasis on experiential learning.

These unique classrooms provide opportunities for students to experience potential career areas in some depth before completing secondary school, leading to better choices for all post-secondary destinations. As well, Focus Programs provide a re-entry opportunity for students who wish to complete secondary school credits but need a strong bridge between prior learning experiences and the classroom setting.

Limestone Focus Programs represents all four student destinations of choice:

Apprenticeship: Investigate careers in the skilled trades, which could include early registration as an apprentice. This is a more experiential means of learning.

College: Focus intensively on areas of special interest that prepare them for further study at college.

University: Focus intensively on areas of special interest that prepare them for further study at university.

Workplace: Prepare for direct entry into the workplace and focus on the essential skills required for successful employment in the current job market.

2020-2021 Focus Program Booklet

2020-2021 Focus Program Application

Some Focus Programs are designated as Referral Programs. These programs are designed to meet the unique learning needs of individual students while providing extra program supports. Students are referred by Guidance, Student Success or Administration in collaboration with parents and guardians.

Focus Programs enable students to come together to benefit from specialized equipment and training, many are part of the Specialist High Skills Major Programs (SHSM). These programs are designed to help high school students make well-informed career decisions and to assist with a smooth transition to post-secondary education or the world of work. 

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.