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In Limestone, our Early French Immersion program is open to all students with entry points in Kindergarten and Grade 1. Instruction from Kindergarten to Grade 2 is 100% (1,500 minutes per week) French based. English instruction begins in Grade 3. In Grades 3-4, students receive 80% instruction in French (1,200 minutes per week) and 20% in English (300 minutes per week). In Grades 5-8, students receive 70% (1,050 minutes per week) instruction in French and 30% (450 minutes per week) in English. French language instruction is based on Ontario Curriculum 2013 French as a SecondLanguage  document for Kindergarten to Grade 8. 

Students may continue their Immersion studies at the secondary level through to Grade 12. In order to receive Limestone District Certificate of French Study (Immersion) students must complete 10 immersion credits (four of which must be in French Immersion language studies). French language instruction for Grades 9-12 is based is based on the expectations found in Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 to 12 French as a Second Language document.

Parental/guardian knowledge of French is not an expectation or requirement. Communication between the school and home is in English. Schools and parents/guardians work together to support students. Transportation for French Immersion students may be provided. Please contact Tri-Board Student Transportation for more information.

Early French Immersion is offered at the following schools:

French Immersion continues at the following secondary schools:


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