Limestone Learning Foundation

Barry C. O'Connor Excellence in Education Awards

The Barry C. O’Connor Excellence in Education Awards recognize excellence in education as provided by support staff. O'Connor was Director of Education from 1998 to 2003. Support staff are recognized in the following categories: Clerical and Secretarial, Custodial and Maintenance, Educational Services Staff, Educational Assistants, Central Office Staff and Administrators, and Other Support Staff and Volunteers. Recipients are recognized for their outstanding contribution of individual support staff in the improvement of programs or services they provide. Awards are presented at the annual graduation ceremonies of the school where the recipient is actively engaged or in the case of Central Office/Educational Services staff, at a special staff function.

Limestone Student Achievers 

The annual Limestone Student Achievers Award recognizes the achievements of students whose exceptional accomplishments merit recognition beyond the separate categories of awards at the school level. Recipients demonstrate exemplary achievement in at least three of the following categories: the arts, athletics, leadership, and academic standing. As well, significant in-school contributions and achievements should be accompanied by out-of-school activities.

J.C. McLeod Excellence in Teaching Award

The J.C. McLeod Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes the outstanding contribution of individual Limestone District School Board teachers to classroom instruction or the improvement of classroom instruction. McLeod was Director of Education from 1969 to 1983. He recognized and rewarded excellence in teaching throughout his time as director and on his retirement, he established a fund to continue this focus. Each award is presented at the annual graduation ceremonies of the school where the recipient is actively engaged or has been engaged.  

Wess Garrod HEAL Award

The Wess Garrod HEAL (Healthy Education Active Living) Award is given out on a yearly basis to an employee of the Limestone District School Board who has contributed in a variety of ways to the promotion and improvement of Healthy Living for All. The award is named after retired Supervising Principal Wess Garrod for recognition of his personal and professional dedication in the area of student and staff wellness. The award is presented at the recipient's school.


The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.