Roles Responsibilities

Limestone Learning Foundation


Students are responsible for selecting an appropriate community involvement activity and for completing all required documentation according to the Board requirements. Students also are responsible for completing their community involvement hours in a manner that demonstrates a positive work ethic and respect for others. The following checklist of behaviours is recommended:

  • punctuality;

  • appropriate dress and grooming;

  • the use of good manners;

  • a willingness to listen to instructions;

  • the ability to follow through on commitments;

  • a willingness to clarify instructions if in doubt;

  • attention to performing duties in a safe and responsible manner; and

  • the ability to maintain confidentiality.


Parents/Guardians should provide assistance to their child in the selection of their community involvement activity. Parents also are encouraged to communicate with the community sponsor and the school Principal if they have any questions or concerns. A parent must sign the Notification of Planned Community Involvement Activity and the Completion of Community Involvement Activity Record if the student is under the age of 18.

School Boards

School Boards are required to share information with students, parents and the broader community. Boards are required to develop a list of approved activities. Boards are required to develop appropriate forms and a documentation protocol. Boards are responsible for ensuring the collection and storage of personal information.

School Principals

Principals are responsible for sharing information and documentation with students, parents and the broader community. Principals are responsible for forwarding special requests to the Board for consideration. The Principal is responsible for ensuring that completed community involvement hours are entered on a student's official transcript, according to the Board protocol.

Community Sponsors

One of the purposes of the community involvement requirement is to develop strong ties between students and their community, and to foster valuable and long-term relationships.

Persons and organizations within the community may be asked by the student to sponsor a community involvement activity. Any training, equipment, or special preparation that is required for the activity should be provided by the person or organization. It is crucial that students are able to fulfill their community involvement activities in a safe environment. The person overseeing the student's activity must verify the date(s) and the number of hours completed on the Completion of Community Involvement Activity Record.

Community sponsors should ensure that the activities completed by student volunteers are not on the Ministry of Education's or the Limestone District School Board's list of ineligible activities, and that the activities fall within the Board's guiding principles and are identified on the Board's list of examples.

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.